The Kabylian Dancing

Dancing is the way in which people express their happy feelings and enjoyment. It’s also the way of displaying their cultural heritage. ...

The Kabylian Tattoos

The Berber tattoo (thishrat) represents not just the cultural expression of a community but it c...

Which Economic and Development Policy’s should Africa pursue to ensure its survival path?

By Dr. Mehenou Amouzou Africa has a very serious economic identity problem. When compared ...

The Kabylian Kitchen (Algeria) Preparing Couscous

    The Kabyle cuisine is very rich with various traditional dishes. Among those dishes, there i...

Some of Kabyle Proverbs

Some of Kabyle Proverbs: -Ur hemmlegh gma ur hemmlegh w'ara th-yuthen. I do not like my...

Collecting Olive in Kabylia

Most of the kabylian families start picking olives on November. It is an activity in which the...

The Kabyle Old Houses and Architecture

The Kabylia region has about 1,500 villages. Each village usually occupies a ridge. The kabyle...

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