Taghit, the Pearl of the Algerian Sahara

   The regions of the Algerian South are numerous and its inhabitants are both sociable and sympathetic .Although the isolation and ...

The Barbarian Fig

    The barbarian fig (thakarmousth) is a fruit which is difficult to pick and even risks for those who do not master the technique of ...

Preparing Tea in the Tuareg Style

    Tea was introduced to the Tuareg society at the beginning of the twentieth century through Arab-Muslim influence (trade). During y...

Algerian banks SWIFT codes

If you want to send a wire payment to a person or a company in Algeria or in other countries you must to know some information about the...

The Kabylian Handmades: Blankets and Carpets

    The art, for Berbers, is a pure creation of the mind guided by a deep instinct and ageless traditions. Berber art is close to the ...

The Tuareg Music

The Music of Tuareg is an ancestral music; a mixture of the music of black Africa and the Berber music of the south like the Tindi or ...

The Taguella, the Bread of the Tuaregs

        The taguella(sand bread) is the emblematic dish of the Tuaregs and also their basic food. It is served in a large dish, as a s...

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