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A Majestic Tourist Site to Discover: the Black Lake

    The dense forest of Akfadou conceals in its heart a majestic tourist site ,it is the Black Lake ( Agoulmim Averkane, in Tamazight Language) which is a  natural lake located in the Akfadou mountain range in west of the Bejaia province ,in Algeria. Historically speaking, during the Algerian war, the mountain of Akfadou played a leading role in sheltering the Algerian martyrs in order to fight against the French colonialism. In the early 1990s, this huge forest was infested by terrorists and thus people were forbidden or afraid to go there. But with the decline of terrorism, the Black Lake is again visited. 

   Agoulmim averkane is a real wonder and paradise on earth because of its beauty and richness in wildlife. It is one of the jewels of Djurdjura that offers a breathtaking picture, covered with flowers and surrounded by trees with the presence of almost 50% of the Mediterranean species of flora (oak, cedar…) that perfume the air with a sweet scent, and fauna (Barbary deer, birds, monkeys ...) that render the place more vivid. It is an ideal haven of peace in the middle of a lush forest of majestic oaks. An artificial dyke has been built on one side of the lake to maintain an appreciable level of water. The pure water of this lake reveals the splendor of the place and reflects in turn the blue of the azure sky, the immaculate whiteness of the clouds and the dark green oaks that surround it. Some trees bathe some of their trunks and roots in the lake water, making this place even more magical. This virgin site represents the authentic beauty of the Mother Nature and each part of Agoulmim averkane is a landscape postcard. 

  Thanks to social media, including Facebook and improved security conditions, this paradise has come out of anonymity in recent years. Every day, hundreds of visitors come from everywhere for a picnic or hiking. It is on weekends that the site attracts more people who are in love with nature. A lot of vehicles and minibuses parked nearby, after leaving groups of tourists from several towns bordering for a picnic, at the edge of the lake since it is ideal for a picnic. Families, groups of friends, hikers settled in the shade of the trees, savoring the calm and enjoying the song of the birds and the mowing of the cows which grazed and seemed not worry of the human presence.

    Although the Akfadou forest occupies a remarkable diversity and richness both in flora and fauna to the point of becoming the lungs of Algeria ,this tourist place still ignored and unknown to the general public. As proof, the forest is still not classified as either a National Park or Biosphere Reserve whose objective would be to promote a balanced relationship between man and the biosphere. 

Written by ARAB Sabrina


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