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Tipaza Beaches, Jewels of the Mediterranean Sea

Sidi Abellah Tipaza

    Tipaza is a coastal town, a few kilometers west of Algiers (approximately 70km). It is endowed with beautiful beaches, surrounded by reliefs of Chenoua Mountain which is the highest peak of the Algerian Sahel hills. It was founded thousands of years ago by the Phoenicians who turned it into a trading post. In Phoenician, Tipaza derives its sense of "passage", in reference to the fact that it represented, at that time, an obligatory passage between Icosium (Algiers) and Iol (Cherchell). The city of Tipaza is famous for its Roman remains and for its beaches. The archaeological site of Tipaza contains various vestiges, including the remains of a basilica of Santa Salsa, a cemetery, thermal baths and an amphitheater, close to the sea. 



    Among the beaches enjoyed by families on the coast of #Tipaza, that of El Hamdania is, in the opinion of many summer visitors, one of the favorites. The beach of El Hamdania, with its dark sand, extends over a long distance. Close to the waves, small tents of cubic shape are set up there. El Hamdania is ideal for children to swim since the water is not deep even if one sinks a little towards the sea one always touches the bottom. Also, the Chenoua beach that is located at the foot of Mount Chenoua is a destination for many families. It was sung by Camus in "Les Noces". It is accessed by a road of cornice bypassing the massif by the north. One of these beaches leaves the edge of the enclosure of the Roman ruins of Tipaza and develops its curve 2 km further at the foot of the small village giving access to the road of the cornice.

   In addition to an array of beaches such as the beach of Oued Sebt, a beach of 3Km surroundings with coarse sand and quite deep; the beach of Bernard or Durando, small beach in continuity of Oued Sebt; the Blue Beach; El Kaid Beach which is a large enough beach (about 1 Km) and not very frequented because it is deep enough; Sidi-Braham West: Pretty large beach with a coarse sand and a west offshore rock; Sidi-Braham East: Smaller than first with a coarse sand and an off-centered rock…

   Therefore, Tipaza is one of the best tourist destinations in Algeria with more than four million visitors each year who enjoys the opportunity to discover through mountains, sea, plains and slopes, the fairytale and the natural magic of this beautiful Mediterranean region.

Tipaza Beaches, Jewels of the Mediterranean Sea (Written by ARAB Sabrina)

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