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Cinema in Algeria

    Algerian cinema was born after independence. The dominant themes of the films of this period dealt with colonialism and the national liberation movement, as an example, Lakhdar Hamina's film "The Wind of Aures" in 1967.In 70’s, the themes have changed, most of the producers dealt with the concerns of the Algerian society such as "Leila and the others" by Sidi Ali Mazif  and "La Nouba of the Women of Montain Chenoua" by Assia Djebbar, both produced in 1977, deal with the status of women. Ahmed Rachedi’s film "Ali in the land of mirages" (1978) is interested in the phenomenon of immigration. Other genres such as comedy and social criticism are brought to the screen by a new generation of directors. The film "Omar Gatlatou" by Merzak Allouache, is an illustration.

   The 70's were the years of glory of Algerian cinema. Mohamed Lakhdar Hamina won the Palme d'Or (golden palm)at the Cannes Film Festival in 1975 for his film" Chronicle of Years of Embers ", which is perhaps the most eloquent testimony to the international recognition of Algerian cinema. On April 2016, the film" Douar of women" by director Mohamed Chouikh received the first prize in feature film at the "Vue d'Afrique de Montreal" festival in Canada. Thus, after a period of lethargy, the Algerian cinema regains its vitality.

   With a capital of more than 175 productions or co-productions, several international recognitions and a potential of talented young filmmakers Algerian cinema has all the assets to have a bright future. Among the names of Algerian filmmakers are Mohamed Lakhdar Hamina, Ahmed Rachedi, Mohamed Bouamari, Amar Laskri, Lamine Merbah, Ghaouti Benddedouche Merzak Allouache, Nadir Moknache, Rabah Ameur Zaimeche, Abdelkrim Bahloul, Mahmoud Zemmouri, Boualem Guerdjou, Ali Ghanem, Azzedine Meddour, Rachid Benhadj, Ahmed Lallem, Belkacem Hadjadj...

  The following films are among the most beautiful achievements we could mention, some films in the chronological order of their output:

The Wind of Aures (1965) by Lakhdar Hamina
Patrols in the East (1972) by Amar Laskri
The Forbidden Zone of Ahmed Lallem, (1972)
The Opium and the Stick, by Ahmed Rachedi
The Battle of Algiers (1966) nominated for the Oscars in Hollywood
Chronicle of the years of embers of Lakhdar Hamina who obtains the golden palm at the festival of Cannes during the year 1975.
Omar Guetlato of the director Merzak Allouache
Hi cousin! (1996), Merzak Allouache
The Forgotten Hill of Abderrahmane Bouguermouh
The Mountain of Baya of Azzedine Meddour
Machaho from Belkacem Hadjadj
The Other World in 2001 by Allouache Merzak

  Among the eminent actors who gave a soul to the Algerian cinema stand out: Rouiched who stands out in Hassan terro or Hassan Taxi, Sid Ahmed Agoumi ,Mohamed Hilmi, Athmane Ariouet and Sid Ali Kouiret ,Yahia Ben Mabrouk with Hadj Abderrahmane known under the pseudonym of Inspector Tahar who in 1973 shines in a delirious comedy "The Holidays of Inspector Tahar" directed by Moussa Haddad .

Cinema in Algeria (written by ARAB Sabrina)

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