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Taghit, the Pearl of the Algerian Sahara

   The regions of the Algerian South are numerous and its inhabitants are both sociable and sympathetic .Although the isolation and harshness of life, they always remain smiling and ready to help the visitors. The Algerian Sahara is famous for its magnificent palm trees which give dates of a rare quality in the world. One of the best destinations of local and foreigners visitors is the Taghit oasis. Taghit is a beautiful little oasis located in the state of Bechar, 1100 kilometers south-west of Algiers (the capital). It is nicknamed the enchantress or the Mecca of tourists. Taghit of Figuig which is not only a regional but national and even universal heritage was once an important prehistory capital of North Africa. It contains Tifinagh (Tuareg language) inscriptions and cave engravings whose drawings and reflections go back more than 30,000 years.

    Taghit is reputed as one of the most beautiful and attractive Algerian oases. In May 2007, Algeria started to reconstruct a natural park in the heart of the desert, Taghit National Park, with the overriding objective to enhance the advancement in Sahara. It is a large natural park with an open-air museum with animals that live in peace alongside the men and corners to rest and relive the history of this region. Large palm groves, golden sand of this Saharan region which has therapeutic properties to cure several pathologies ,and  a majestic and old palace (ksar) are among the many assets of this natural landscape with banks adorned with a splendid palm grove. 

    In recent years, the South has become popular; thousands of people from different parts of the country and foreign tourists are currently attracted by the many sites and historic places of rare beauty that Taghit contains. Most people prefer Sahara because there one can find peace and solitude .If someone wants to search an authentic contact with the planet ,peace and solitude, Taghit is certainly would be a great destination. It has important climatic and cultural riches to shelter lives and animals. There you will have the choice between several activities like riding a camel, take a walk in the oases between the plantations and the palm tree , attend festivities of the region and skiing on the dunes.
Taghit, the Pearl of the Algerian Sahara (Written by ARAB Sabrina)

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