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Algerian Beaches: Skikda City, a Jewel of the Algerian Coast

      Rosicada is the ancient name of Skikda that is given by Phoenicians. It is an eastern Algerian coastline city. It covers an area of 4 137,68 km2 that stretch from Marsa in the east until Oued Zhour to the bottoms of the massif of Collo to the west .It is renowned for its beaches, citrus orchards (oranges, mandarins, lemons, etc.), its strawberry culture, olive oil and fishing. After independence, it became an important industrial zone and its ports form the main ports in Algeria. 

    In fact, the coastline of Skikda is dotted with beaches of fine sand .To the east, it is the big beach of Larbi Ben M'hidi (Jeanne d'Arc Beach), to the West in the direction of Stora several picturesque beaches: Stora, Great Beach, and so on. Some beaches were unfortunately greatly diminished due to the installation of the petrochemical complex like beaches of Larbi Ben M'Hidi and those of Stora following the extension of its port.

    The beach of Sidi Akacha is well located in the municipality of Marsa in the state of Skikda. This beach is a piece of paradise on earth where the vandals have passed through this place.
   One must imperatively speak of Oued Tangi which is considered a historical region by the roman sites that exist there .Also, the beach of Oued Bibi, in the town of Tamalous nestled 700 meters above the Mediterranean, reveals another corner of paradise.

  The Great beach, located in the small town of Aïn Zouit, is a veritable enchanting site located about 20 km west of Skikda (towncenter). It offers visitors a breathtaking panorama that everyone has the pleasure to admire it. The Great beach is a favorite spot, as witnessed by the rush of the thousands of summer visitors. From the Great Beach a breathtaking view of the city of Skikda is offered to holidaymakers whose eyes wide-eyed admirations seem to further enhance this paradise.

    In addition to the enchanting bay of Tamanart, one of the undisputed pearls of the southern Mediterranean, located 15 km from the town of Collo .It is another place where holidaymakers enjoy the joys of the sea, making the place live and enjoy a serene and comforting tranquility and softness. 

   At the beach of Larbi Ben M'hidi, privileged by 10 km of coastline, an array of multicolored umbrellas were installed from beginning to end of the first vacationers. This beach, which is welcomed during the previous seasons only the visitors of the neighboring states of Constantine, Setif and Mila, gradually begins to consolidate its coast by seducing the holidaymakers of all states of the country.

  The beach Oued Lagsab (Filfila) is one of the favorite destinations of summer visitors. This beach, located in the town of Filfila (13km east of Skikda), achieved during this summer season a score exceeding any prognosis, reinforcing its chances of becoming the dream of the seaside tourism of Skikda .

   Summer visitors, especially families, expressed their satisfaction with the services offered in the Oued Lagsab beach (equipped tables, umbrellas, showers, swimming pools, recreation areas for children, cafeterias) all at affordable prices. In addition to planning important projects; a lot of luxury hotels (Royal Tulip, Belle Vue Hotel…) are built within the framework of improving tourism in this area.

Algerian Beaches: Skikda City, a Jewel of the Algerian Coast (written by ARAB Sabrina)


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