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La Gazelle d'Or: True Brand Of Luxury

This is not an imaginary palace from the Arabian Nights stories. This paradise-like masterpiece is the touristic village "La Gazelle D'Or" recently opened in the heart of the Algerian Sahara, more specifically in El Oued city. La Gazelle d'Or,  or literally: the golden deer, is truly a gloden infrastructure with its exceptional harmonious blend of Algerian and islamic architecture. 

Located in the center of a beautiful oasis of 20 000 olives and palms trees, spread over an area of 140 hectares, this jaw-dropping luxurious hotel contains many facilities : comfortable and well-appointed rooms, immense and luminous bungalows, well-furnished traditional Algerian-style saharan tents, a large conference room, luxuriant garden, a golf course, huge swimming pools, diverse restaurants serving traditional Algerian meals along with international cuisine, a museum, a spa, a hammam and a sauna .

The hotel offers also adventurous outdoor activities to discover the desert and the beautiful city of Oued Souf. 

Whether you are yearning to make your One Thousand And One Nights dream adventure come true or simply looking to get away from your busy life, this sophisticated charming oasis is the perfect destination for you. 

At last, this promotional video gives you a quick look around inside this magnificent hotel. Enjoy!

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