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The Algerian Music

Algeria is a country which is rich in all domains and since it is varied in terms of culture, it includes various types of music, for example, kabyle, chaoui, chaabi, etc. Since there are different kinds of music, the dances too are varied, that’s to say, each type of music has its own dance.

    The kabyle music is one of the most important music in Algeria. Long time ago, it existed what’s known Achewik (chants); Kabyle women used to sing without using any musical instruments.They used Achewik to sleep their babies or before start singing with tambour. Through Achewik, women transmit meaningful messages to be passed from generation to generation and discuss their daily problems. In addition to, Idaballen; men used modest musical instruments like tambour (el bendir, in Thamazight:avandayer) and flute(ney ,in Thamazight:thajawakth) to produce a nice rhythm that seduces people to dance.

Unlike Achewik that is singing without any musical instrument, Idaballen is the vice versa which means producing just rhythm without singing .Idaballen is a kind of music that’s used in many occasions ,such as marriages and religious occasions .

     The kabyle music has witnessed a progress , even if these two previous types still exist nowadays because the kabyle people are very attached to their traditions, today they used lyrics along with music.There are too many brilliant musicians in kabyle regions like Idir ,Ait Menguellet,Matoub Lounes ,Cherif Khedam,Sliman Azem,Takfarina,Mohamed Allaoua  and Cherifa, etc.they has contributed in the spread of their Thamazight culture ,for example,the song of “A Vava Inouva” (oh my father) of  Idir becomes an international and has been translated to more than ten languages. The kabyle music is always dynamic and in development with fusion of modern technological musical instruments but keeping its authenticity and identity.

      Chaabi is another kind of Algerian music .Chaabi singers use guitar in their singing and discuss different themes through their singing like; the Algerian revolution, immigration,love, etc.  The well –known singers of this type are Hadj El anka,Hachemi El Guerouabi ,Dahman El Harrachi,Amar,Ezzahi,Kamel Messaoudi,etc .

Also,Rai is another type which is preferred by many Algerians .The most important  stars of Rai are : Cheb Hasseni and Cheb Khaled.

Even Rap exists in Algeria .The famous Algerian rapper is Lotfi double Kanon.

Written by ARAB Sabrina.

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