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Algeria Can Defeat Cancer

    Algeria as any nation in the world is fighting the cancer disease through building a lot of medical centers and providing qualified staff in sake of curing such disease. 

   In Algeria, there are seventeen public cancer centers spreading throughout the national territory. The biggest hospital for curing cancer in Algeria and even in Africa is built in the bottom of the Algerian Sahara, exactly in Adrar Province (south of Algeria), in addition to two other cancer control centers in El Oued and Bechar (both are in the south too) in order to reduce the waiting time for the patients who suffer from such terrible sickness. Such an anti-cancer center has a capacity of 140 beds including double and single rooms which are equipped with modern medical materials that fit the international standards.

  The Algerian Minister highlighted that the epidemiological data of cancers from the national network of cancer registries are part of the global trend, indicating that these data indicate that the annual incidence of cancers will continue to increase from 41,870 cases in 2015 to 49,000 cases in 2020 and 61,000 cases in 2025.Thus, as an attempt to fight such disease ,the state has allocated more than 37 billion DA for the acquisition of drugs of the classes of oncology and hematology, and the medical, paramedical and technical staff of hospitals that care for cancer patients. Improving the supply of medical oncology is reflected today in the existence of 41 services and 77 functional units covering the 48 provinces, with the availability of oncology drugs, while the improvement of the supply of radiotherapy results in the existence of 36 linear functional accelerators, 10 of which are at the private sector level against 7 accelerators in 2013, "said by the Minister of Health.

  In addition to that, the Ministry has launched a training program to train doctors and medical staff in charge of cancer to provide much more care for the cancer patients and in order to identify more accurately the need for medicines used in cancer therapy. The ministry of health also has strongly supported the investments in the field of the production of drugs used in cancer to get rid of the shortage in terms of drugs and provide efficient treatments for the patients.

Written by ARAB Sabrina

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