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Kefrida Waterfall, a Natural Site Par Excellence in Bejaia

Kefrida Waterfall, Bejaia

     Bejaia city is dotted with beautiful and mesmerizing landscapes that attract thousands of visitors every summer from all over Algeria and even foreigners. Among Bejaia’s fascinating natural landscapes is the famous waterfall of Kefrida. This breathtaking site whose name derives from the Latin expression "Aqua Frigida", meaning "fresh water" or "cool fountain", is located in the town of Taskriout near the village of Ait Idriss, more than 50 kilometers east of the city center of Bejaia. This fountain is cascading from a height of more than 50 meters of Taskriout Mountain to a natural pool which is surrounded by large rocks and plants. This swimming pool is located in the middle of wild nature. Among the plants that surround this small pond that is shaped over the years by the waters which fall from the heights of the mountain, we find the fern, oleanders, reeds and other wild shrubs. 

    In addition to the beauty of the greenery that surrounds this picturesque site, the coolness and the calm which reigns there attract and tempt people towards it.  At the beginning of summer as usual, the Kefrida waterfall is crowded by people since this captivating site represents an ideal place to break the anxiety rhythm of everyday life by delighting with the soft, fresh breeze and the floral scents. For those who are fond of beautiful landscape of water flowing down the rocks of the mountain and the pure air, actually they must not miss this charming place because it is more than ideal for lovers of nature and green spaces to hike with family to spend pleasant and intense moments in the serenity of its panorama. 

   The site also represents a source of pecuniary support for young artists in the region who perform arts and crafts through installing, all along the road leading to the cascade of Kefrida, small shops for the sale of local products like traditional items, pottery, souvenir items, or seasonal fruits such as grapes, pear, figs and prickly pears.

Written by ARAB Sabrina


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