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The Algerian Beaches: Jijel’s Beaches

   It's summer and the desire to dip in the sea is increasing as the temperature increases. And it is certainly not the beaches that are lacking in a country where the sea front exceeds 1200 kilometers. The Jijelian coast is certainly a very beautiful coast of the Algerian coast.  Jijel is located in the North-East of Algeria; on the Mediterranean coast .It covers an area of 62.38 kilometers. It is a very ancient city, created in the 10th century BC. Its name refers directly to the place where the city was built, Jijel or Djidjeli means hill.

  On land and under the sea, Jijel has much to offer in terms of landscapes and nature. Here are the best Jijel beaches in terms of beauty and the calm: Sidi Abdelaziz, Black Rock, El Ouldja, The Caves, The Afftis, The Great Lighthouse, and The Red Beach…  

  The province of Jijel is charmed by the beauty of the landscape with its beaches, allowing everyone to enjoy a seaside space and thus spending vacation there. It has a great tourist potential and its many beaches and coves attract many holidaymakers who come to enjoy the sea, the sun, the long golden sandy beaches, but also the green hills and mountains that border the coast. The favorite beach of locals and tourists is the beach of Grand Phare or Ras El Afa which located only 6 kilometers from Jijel. This portion of the coastline which stretches over 120 kilometers, remains particularly popular and the preferred destination of the summer visitors. It is also a well-known dive site, and many clubs offer underwater excursions .Not far from this great sandy beach, there is a small cove that allows for divers to enjoy jumping in the water from the rocks and observe the colorful fishes of the Mediterranean coast. 

     In addition to Kotama Beach which is a large tourist beach that allows guests to enjoy ice-creams, fresh drinks, Algerian dishes, and a magnificent sunset. Truly, Jijel is a delight for holidaymakers who are in search for an ideal vacation.

The Algerian Beaches: Jijel’s Beaches (Written by ARAB Sabrina)

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