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The Map of Algeria

     People's Democratic Republic of Algeria is the tenth largest country in the world and the largest country on the African continent with an area of 2,381,741 square kilometers. It is located in north-western of Africa known as Maghreb. It is bordered to the North by the Mediterranean Sea for a distance of 1,280 km, to the East by Tunisia and Libya, to the South by Niger and Mali, to the southwest by Mauritania and Western Sahara, and to the West by Morocco. Algiers is its capital. Its biggest cities are Algiers, Annaba, Oran and Constantine.80 % of its territory is constituted by the Sahara desert to the South. The remaining 20% are mainly formed by the Atlas mountain range, covered with natural vegetation and Mediterranean crops that grow thanks to moderate climate.

     Algeria is divided into 48 provinces, each headed by a governor (Wali). The provinces (wilayas) are divided into municipalities, headed by a mayor and an APC (Popular Assembly of the Commune). Among the principal Algerian cities, in terms of population, cultural influence or economic importance: Oran, on the west coast, the second city of the country; Constantine, an important cultural, industrial and university center; Annaba in the east, a tourist and economic city with ArcelorMitta, which is the largest steel-making complex in Africa; Batna, commercial and cultural industrial city, capital of the Aures; Setif, industrial and university town, capital of the highlands; Tlemcen, a cultural and artistic industrial and industrial city, Blida, a cultural and industrial city; Chlef, cultural and industrial city; Skikda has an important port and is a tourist and industrial city; Sidi-Bel-Abbes, commercial and industrial city; Djelfa, cultural and tourist city; Biskra, cultural and industrial city, capital of the Ziban; Tiaret, cultural and tourist city; Bejaia, a tourist and industrial city with the most important Mediterranean oil and commercial port; Mostaganem, industrial city; Tebessa, commercial and tourist city; Ouargla, the capital of the Oasis; Tizi Ouzou, capital of Upper Kabylia; Tamanghasset, capital of the Hoggar; Ghardaïa, tourist town and capital of the Mzab; Etc.

   This simplified map of Algeria includes the capital Algiers and major cities. The map presents the geographical framing allowing to situate Algeria in relation to its neighboring spaces, in particular the borders with the neighboring countries, which allows a succinct representation of the geopolitical context.

The Map of Algeria (written by ARAB Sabrina)

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