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The Algerian Population

     The Algerians are mainly either the descendants of the ancient Amazigh (Berber) peoples or Arabs (two ethnic groups that predominate in Algeria), or to a lesser extent from South Europe (Phoenicians and Turkey) and sub-Saharan Africa. The Berbers were the very first inhabitants of the country. The Arabs arrived much later due to the Muslim conquests.

   At the beginning of the Algerian war in 1954, the number of the inhabitants was 9507 476 inhabitants. After independence in 1962, they were 11547506 inhabitants. Since then, it continues to increase. The fertility rate has reached 2.74 children per woman. The number of births in Algeria reached 1 million by 2015, almost twice the birth rate in 2000.The Algerian population has just passed for the first time the 40 million inhabitants. At the beginning of 2017, Algeria has reached 41.2 million inhabitants, with an annual growth rate reaching 2.15%. Regarding the structure of the resident population in Algeria, a gender distribution shows that men make up 50.62% of the population compared to 49.38% of women. The main characteristic of the population in Algeria is that youth constitutes over 30% of the whole population. However, the rapidly growing population is leading to a great deal of problems especially among the category of young people who are suffering from unemployment and thus looking for a better life abroad (emigration 0.9 per 1000 inhabitants). 

   Algeria's urbanization rate is close to 75%, and it continues to increase despite the government's efforts to curb migration to cities. Most of Algerians live in the north of the country along the Mediterranean coasts. They are concentrated in the major agglomerations (Algiers, Oran, Constantine and Annaba) .As an evidence , Algiers (the Algerian capital)is the densest city; it witnessed 31,680 weddings and 103,575 births. After that, they are followed by the more rural coastal provinces (Chlef, Tipaza, Tizi Ouzou, Jijel, Skikda, etc.). Then, the inner provinces (Relizane, Mascara, Medea, Souk Ahras, etc.) and finally the provinces close to the Sahara (Tebessa, Msila, Tiaret, Saida, etc.).

The Algerian Population (written by ARAB Sabrina)


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