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Digital Transformation to Lead Maghreb & WCA to a Region Reimagined, says Cisco

Casablanca, Morocco – October, 26 2016 - As we move from the Information Era to the Digital Era, the network continues to grow in relevance. It connects all things digital and is the lifeblood of digital business. If the network foundation crumbles, the business will be crippled. Digital Transformation, the connection of people, businesses and things through technology has become very critical for the economic development of the Maghreb & WCA region.

According to Forrester, nearly 4 of 5 business leaders believe that IT has the responsibility to ensure the network can support the company’s digital plans. Yet, 67% of businesses believe the current network is the bottleneck. The highly reliable and resilient networks that have served the business for the past 30 years simply cannot scale for the digital demands of 5.4 billion mobile users by 2020, 30 billion IoT devices by 2020, big data storage reaching 73 ExaBytes by 2019 and 57 percent of organizations using or planning to use the Cloud.

These figures are very important for encouraging growth opportunities in the region. Equally so, we need to start building the skills for the future workforce to be able to operate in a digitally transformed Maghreb & WCA region. That is why in Morocco we trained 11 767 students via our Networking Academy, our flagship CSR programme in FY16 of which 33% were female in order to make sure that we encourage a digitised workforce.

As participants at Assises de l’AUSIM 2016, we will be highlighting the need to enable the future workforce to catapult in a digitally transformed Maghreb & WCA region. In addition, our key note speaker, Walid Fahmy, one of Cisco’s talented System Engineers will be speaking about Cisco’s IoT architecture as an enabler for digital transformation and what it takes to have an IoT platform.

Our customers are needing more and more of our guidance and thought leadership as industry experts as they adopt to digital transformation.

Written by Abdelilah Nejjari, GM for Cisco Maghreb and WCA

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