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"Google" confused between Bouteflika's fourth term advocates and opponents

Famous internet search engine "Google" shows confusion about the Presidential Elections of April 17, that is raging between opponents of President Bouteflika's fourth term, and his supporters.

Days of the closure the rapper, Lotfi Double Canon, website on YouTube after a complaint from the Directorate of Bouteflika's campaign, it was the turn on Tuesday, of the song that was performed by Algerian artists who support the fourth term.
"YouTube" deleted the song "Taahedna Maa El Djazair" (we are committed to Algeria) after the number of people who disliked it reached more than 10.000 people, a song that was performed by more than 60 Algerian persons who are known among artists and athletes, who received a campaign of refusal by opponents of the fourth term.
A few hours after airing the song "Taahedna Maa El Djazair", which was filmed at the scene of Aissa Messaoudi, at the National Television, as a support to the president candidate, internet visitors launched a campaign titled "Click a button I do not like" to invite anyone who saw the video on the "YouTube" to choose "I dislike" in order to highlight the size of the opposition of the song, as the number of those who responded to the campaign within hours of the launch only reached more than 10.000 people who "dislikes" it, while the number of "fans" did not exceed one thousand.
The song that was composed by the singer Houssine Lasnami, noticed the participation of Cheb Khaled , Cheb Toufik, Chebba Yamina, Mourad Djafri, Hassiba Amrouche, Hassiba Abderraouf, Mohamed Lamine, Djamel Allam, Rim Hakiki, Kader Japoni, Cheb Yazid, Houari Ben Chenat, Joe Batoure, Cherifa Louna, the band "Amzad " and three voices from the program "Alhan Wa Chababe".
This comes only days after "Google" closed the channel of the famous rapper Lotfi Double Canon on the site of "YouTube", as after the publication of his new video clip of the song which is titled "anti Chita", then the channel was direcly closed. 
According to the report of the site, the reason for the closure is mainly due to the presence of many of the complaints that were received by the admin of the site against the channel of Double Canon.
Previously, Double Canon has triggered controversy in recent times, having dealt with many of the political issues in his new songs, including the famous song, which he issued to respond to the former Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal.

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