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2 million foreign tourists visited Algeria in 2013

Tourism and Handicrafts Ministry created in 2013 over 930,000 jobs, including 450,000 in the field of tourism against the allocation of 480,000 jobs in traditional industries, which is the equivalent to 9% of the employment rate at the national level.

On the other hand it created until October 2013, more than 38 activities in the field of traditional industries.

A report that was prepared by the ministry, which copy is available to Echorouk, on the "row production" has been allocated for this purpose under a budget of 170 billion ZDZ for tourism, and 197 billion ZDZ for traditional industries, with the allocation of $ 130 billion for tourism as an additional budget and 135 billion ZDZ for traditional industries.

With respect to the axis of the "flow of tourists", more than 2,000,732 thousand tourists entered to Algeria until December 2013, the equivalent of an increase with 3.75% compared to the last years, including more than 964.000 foreign tourists and 1,768 Algerian tourists who live abroad, while more than 2,000,135 thousand Algerians travelled to various countries of the world, recording an increase of 11.77%.

Regarding the "Hotels barn", so far until the first four months of 2013, the same report showed that the number of hotels at the national level reached 1,176 Hotels, with a capacity of 98 804 beds, while the number of accredited travel agencies at the national level until the month of October 2013, reached 1010, including 370 agencies of “A” class and 640 agencies of “B” class.

As for the "tourism investment", the ministry revealed that 517 projects are in the way of achievement, compared to 122 projects which stopped their works, while the completion of 115 projects did not start for several reasons.

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