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  Refiss is a typical dish of the Algerian East (specifically Constantine) that is always presented in parties and ceremonies like circumcision, engagement and graduation parties…

This dish is based on semolina. Here are some secrets and tricks of its preparation.

 You need three 750g of thick semolina which is usually used to prepare the almonds heart (Qalb Elouz), 250g measure of butter and oil, half liter of water and milk, one pinch of salt, blossom water, honey ,sugar and nuts or almonds for decoration .

  First of all, mix the semolina with salt, butter and oil very well, then spread this dough on a baking tray and cut it into squares. Put it in the oven at 200 degrees and let it until it takes golden color on the edges. After cooking, crush the dough with the blender. 

After that, steam it twice, just like couscous, the first time takes about an hour and the second time half an hour, and soak it each time with a little milk and blossom water and little sugar .

Before serving, add the butter a little honey and sugar. For decoration, sprinkle on it icing sugar and put on it some walnuts (you can decorate it in your own way).

Refiss is generally accompanied with milk. It is really yummy and irresistible.

Written by ARAB Sabrina

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