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Tamanart, the Eastern Pearl

   In this summer, if you are a keen lover of swimming next to mountains and nature, don’t think about any foreign country just think about Algeria. In the Algerian northeast, virgin beaches are nestling in the shadow of wild mountains which are full of flora like oak, pine and cedar trees. As a case in Tamanart, in Collo (in the city of Skikda) which is blessed by impressive mountains and beaches. It is a paradisiacal place where mountains and sea merge together .

   This northeastern region of Algeria embraces the most beautiful and breathtaking beaches of Algeria that stretch for about fifty kilometers. Tamanart is one of the most picturesque seashore which is stretching along the coastal region of Collo. It is famous for its two beaches which have been overrun by pebbles embellished by the beauty of oleander and alder.

  In summer, Tamanart offers magical views and a haven of peace and beauty for its summer visitors. It is also an ideal place for campers looking for wildlife and pure air. Thus, becoming more and more attractive in summer thanks to its beaches covered with fine sand and clean water, and surrounded by wild mountains.

  The municipality of Collo has recently developed the charm of the city by investing in the development of the port to accommodate tourists that come from different eastern regions and cities. Also, a real effort has been made in the infrastructure, specifically in the construction of roads to facilitate access to this nice site. Actually, the opening of the Collo-Bougaroun tourist route via Tamanart has given another dimension not only to this site but also to the entire Collo Bay which offers sites along the Dambo mountain, Beni Said sites. 

This site also offers the locals enough revenue to meet their needs through opening cafe-terraces, restaurants and various businesses. They offer services at very reasonable prices. Even better, they ensure the monitoring of bathing, safety and cleanliness of places. On these days, the site is filled with visitors from all over Algeria. 

Written by ARAB Sabrina


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