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The Emir Abd El Kader Mosque

    The heart of the city of Constantine holds the most prominent monument in Algeria and one of the most important mosques in the Muslim world , it is the Mosque of Emir Abd El Kader. The idea of building a large mosque in Constantine dates back to 1968 as a desire to build a mosque capable to accommodate 10,000 worshipers. Originally, it was only a simple mosque but since the President Houari Boumediene took a keen interest in the project, the mosque has been transferred into one of the most beautiful structures in Constantine. It became a very large and impressive mosque and an Islamic University to teach “Chariaa” (the first Algerian modern Islamic University).

    From the architectural point of view, the mosque is a masterpiece with all the details incorporated in its construction. It is an architectural gem in the heart of the city which is realized by the architect Mostapha Mansour .This building is really impressive both in its size, the beauty of its architecture and the richness of its decoration in an Arab Muslim style. It has twin minarets up to 107 meters high with a majestic dome of 64 meters .The mosque has two big prayer rooms ;one for men and one for women ,that can accommodate more than 15,000 prayers . A holy light springs from afar at the level of the Mihrab indicating the direction of the Mecca. The mosque is annexed to a modern Islamic university, the University of Emir Abd El Kader for the Islamic Science. This university consists of three levels. On the ground floor the central space is occupied by the large conference room above which is the courtyard with its large pool, surrounded by large corridors in the form of glazed arcades.

Written by ARAB Sabrina


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