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Smallest country in the world

Smallest country in the world


It may be difficult to imagine or believe since the world contains many countries but there is always that country in the world that is too small such that its population is smaller than a typical high- school class. The article stipulates well the smallest country in the world based on its landmass.

 Beside the big countries in the world there are many smaller countries and therefore many people may refer some of them to as microstates.  The Vatican being the smallest country occupies a quarter of Italy having few buildings and parks. It is one of the most unusual countries with its own government, army, and diplomatic missions but amazing thing is that it has no permanent native population. Many other countries ranked in our top 10 list below have almost the common features.

Always keep in mind that our list below includes only the officially documented independent states and omits dependent territories.

As per the article title, Vatican City is the smallest country in the world, based on landmass it measures 0.2 square miles. For our readers, we have listed the top ten smallest countries in the world just to educate you.

Top ten smallest in the world

The list indicates the top ten smallest countries in the world, we will elaborate further on the smallest country in the world:

1. Vatican City - 0.44 km²
2. Monaco - 2 km²
3. Nauru - 21 km²
4. Tuvalu - 26 km²
5. San Marino - 61 km²
6. Liechtenstein - 160 km²
7. Marshall Islands - 181 km²
8. Saint Kitts and Nevis - 261 km²
9. Maldives - 300 km²
10. Malta - 316 km²

The top smallest country in the world

Vatican City - 0.44 km²

Vatican City also known as the Holy See is the smallest country in the world with only 0.44 square kilometers. The country is located in the Italian capital city of Rome and is the center of the Catholic Church.  The country has a population of about 1,000 people in it.
The Vatican is the home of religious leaders hosting the biggest church in the world (St Peter's Basilica) that holds the most important artworks of the Renaissance such as The Pieta and Creation of Adam.

Due to its low population, its income is raised from the voluntary donations of over 1 billion members of the Romantic Catholic Church around the earth.

The government of Vatican has stipulated a design that enables the country to gets the rest of the economy from sales of postage stamps, tourist mementos and admission fees of museums.
Over the decades, since 1377 the country has been the home of the pope of the Catholic Church hence the country being a monarchical state being headed by the bishop of Rome.

Vatican country not only the smallest country in the world but also have the smallest railway lines of 1.27 km around the world. The biggest church in the world St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican museums and Sistine chapel emerge to be the main attraction of the Vatican City for the tourist. 

This country was not small but since 1870 after the union of Italy, the majority of the Papal States became part of Italy. A long time ago the Papal States in the Italian Peninsula were governed by popes for more than century and the territories covered more than 44000 square kilometers in those days.

It was a Lateran treat, the agreement between the Kingdom of Italy and Holy See made the Vatican City as an independent country on 11th February 1929 thus emerging to be the smallest and less populated country in the world.

Another unique thing about this country is that the city is guarded by the smallest regular army referred to as the Swiss Guard that was initially made of Swiss Mercenaries in 1506.Now the army is the personal bodyguards of the pope. All the guards are catholic unmarried male Swiss citizens.
The Vatican city has from early days being using official languages which are Latin and Italian.


The article has well elaborated the smallest country in the world as well as its geographical, social, religious and political features the country. The article not only contains the information about the smallest country in the world but also list the top ten other small countries in the world.


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