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The third largest country in the world

The third largest country in the world


The third largest country in the world is the United States. The United States is categorized of 50 individual states that vary greatly in size thou share common borders and almost the same features. 
The continent is made up of 50 countries.  The third largest country in the world, United States is located in North America between Mexico and Canada. The state is a superpower country that controls almost the whole continents in the world as well as a number of small islands in the Caribbean and the Pacific. The United States is the third largest country in the world in the area following Russia and Canada. A research done on February 8, 2018, demonstrated that the country has a population of 325,857,845 which is equivalent to 4.3% of the total whole world population.

The State is almost one half the landmasses size of Russia and slightly larger than Brazil and China. Since every country share borders, the United State shares a border with Canada and Mexico as well as the Eastern United States borders the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea while the coastal part of United States borders the Pacific Ocean. 

The United States capital city is known as Washington, DC. The capital city is located on the East Coast that is almost midway between Maine and Florida.
The article also indicates the top ten largest countries in the United States categorized by area
10 Largest States in the United States

1. Alaska – 1,723,337 km2 (665,384 mi2) 

 Alaska is the largest country in the USA.  As well as being the largest state by land area and water area. Alaska is located in the Northwest of Canada; study indicates that it is the most populated country in the U.S state. 
It is well known for tourist attraction due to its mountains and forest that host abundant wildlife. For those who may be loving to mountain biking or skiing activities, this is a good place for those activities. 

2. Texas – 695,662 km2 (268,596 mi2) 

The also referred to as Lone Star State is the second largest state, but it’s less than half the size of Alaska

3. California – 423,967 km2 (163,694 mi2) –

The Golden State is the third largest state in the United States; California is located in the western part of United State and stretches from Mexican border along Pacific. The California territory includes cliff-lined beaches, Redwood forest, the Sierra Nevada mountains as well as the Mojave Desert.

4. Montana – 380,831 km2 (147,039 mi2) 

Montana was nicknamed as The Treasure State and emerges to be the fourth largest state. It’s located in western of United State ranging from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Plains. It hosts several National parks that include Glacier National Park.

5. New Mexico – 314,917 km2 (121,590 mi2)

New Mexico is the 5th largest state in the United States located in the southwest of U.S. Its territory covers the Chihuahuan Desert and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Its capital City is referred to as Santa Fe, which is a home to a vibrant arts scene as well as the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum. 

6. Arizona – 295,234 km2 (113,990 mi2) 

The Arizona also referred to as the Copper State, is the home to the Grand Canyon, is the 6th largest state. It’s located in Southwest of U.S. It’s well known for the Grand Canyon and hosts natural sites for the tourist attraction that includes Saguaro National park.

7. Nevada – 286,380 km2 (110,571 mi2) 

The Silver State, home to Las Vegas, is the 7th largest state in the United States. It is located in the western part of U.S state. It is well known of its desert area. It hosts many museums such as the Mob Museum that attracts tourist from all over the world. 

8. Colorado – 269,601 km2 (104,093 mi2) 

The state of Colorado a country in the United state covers the most of the Southern Rocky Mountains and its capital is the city of Denver. It’s the 8th largest country in the United State.

9. Oregon – 254,799 km2 (98,378 mi2) 

The Beaver State is almost less than 1/6 of Alaska and it's well located in the Coastal part of United State. It’s well-known of the landscape of forests, mountains as well as beaches. 

10. Wyoming – 253,335 km2 (97,813 mi2) 

The country is located in the western part of United States, well defined due to its huge plains as well as the Rocky Mountains. The country contains several National parks thus suitable for tourist attraction.

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