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The Largest Countries By Population In The World (2018)



The largest countries by population in the world mean those countries which are depended on population. They include the sovereign states, inhabited dependent countries and in some instance the colonies of the sovereign states. The report does not count in the totals population rather it provides estimates. These sovereign states have been dependent on their own population making them keep growing. The population of is counted on the basis of people living in a particular area mostly per square kilometer.

Top five largest countries by population

Firstly, China is the largest country by population in the world with a total population of approximately 1.4 billion people. China is a unitary sovereign state in the east of Asia. China population has grown so fast because of its stable economy in the recent past. According to world bank records report, China population density is at 147 people lives in a square kilometer. This showed that most people were crowded in regions making the state become large. In real life setting the regions covered by most people will look large.

India is the second most populated country in the world with a total population of approximately 1.3 billion people. India covers a distance of 3.287 square kilometers in the ground. It has been the boast of its huge population. This translates to 382 people lives in one square kilometer. India is very small but its population is very high making it appear large.

The United States is the third largest country by population in the world. It is located on the North America Continent; it has a population of approximately 324,459,463 people. It has fifty states hence the name United states, the highest population of Americans lives in the Urban Centers. America population has growth has been precipitated by immigration, unlike any other country in the world united states experience a high rate of immigrant into the states. This is because of its longtime founded economy. The mostly immigrants coming from Africa and Asia, the migrate to the United States in search of employment. Founded on mixed races the United States has received immigrants from all corners of the world. United States stable economy and industrialization has created a providence to the world and therefore welcoming immigrants to work in those industries. The high mortality rate in the United States has seen its population maintained high. Its technological advancement in the field of medicine has seen the States securing their statesmen against diseases and hence the population. United States covering a space of 9.834 kilometers squared underground. This, therefore, is enlarged by its big population as it makes it seem bigger.

The fourth largest country by population in the world is Indonesia. Indonesia is a country in the South Eastern of Asia. It has a population of approximately 263,991,379 people. It appears position fifteen in the world’s biggest countries covering a distance of 1.905 kilometers squared, it consists of agricultural islands which are very productive maintaining enough source of food to the available population. This enhances the Indonesians high population with most absolved into agriculture and maritime. This provides the country with surplus food to maintain its high population and make it growing every day. Indonesian practice of polygamous marriage ensures high population as this advocate for the marriage of every woman in the community hence the rate of bearing children is high. It has a very big portion covered by the sea where normally marine work is done. This leaves the ground part with a small coverage space for habitual settlement.

The fifth largest country in the world by population is Brazil. Brazil is located in the Southern of America. According to united nations statistical population reports Brazil has a total population of approximately 209,288,278 people. Just like other American countries, Brazil attracted high immigration into the state. It attracted immigrants from Africa who were taken there as slaves by Europeans but later settled there. Brazil has a relatively good economy that feeds its population well. It occupies half of South America bordering, Atlantic Ocean, it has a size of 8.5 kilometers squared.


The article discusses the most populated countries and their covered area in the ground relatively comparing it with their populations. 

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