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What You Should Know About Algeria

What You Should Know About Algeria

     People's Democratic Republic of Algeria is the largest country on the African continent and the Arab world. Its religion is Islam, following the Maliki rite. Its native inhabitants are called “Amazighs” which means free men but later they were integrated with Arabs because of the Islamic conquests. Tamazight and Arabic dialect are the mother language in Algeria. French is taught as the first foreign language and used in administration along with Arabic. English is taught as second foreign language. The Algerian people speak Arabic dialect in their daily life which is a mixture of Tamazight, standard Arabic and French, with slight differences in accents according to the region. In Kabyle regions like Bejaia, Tizi Ouzou ,Bouira, Boumerdes ,people speak Tamazight; in  Tipaza ,Blida ,they speak Tachalhit; in Batna ,Khenchela ,Oum El Bouagui, Ain El Bayda, they speak Tachaouit ;in Ghardaia ,they speak Tamozabit; in Sahara regions, they speak Targuit ;in Constantine, Annaba, Oran, Tlemcen, Setif, they speak Arabic dialect.

     Historically speaking, Algeria is a melting pot on which a lot of civilizations fused in. Its Roman, Ottoman, Byzantine and Arab ruins stand as evidence. The most famous are Timgad near Batna, Hippo Regius in Annaba, Djemila in Setif, Calama in Guelma, and Tipasa... Most of them are Unesco heritage sites (Algeria has seven Unesco Heritage Sites). In addition to the prehistoric sites like Hoggar and Tassili (rock paintings in Tamanrasset).

The country also saw a violent colonialism; it has lost more than one million and half in order to retrieve its independence from the French colonialism which lasts for 132 years. Its Independence Day is the 5th of July. 

    Geographically speaking, the Algerian coastline (1622 kilometers overlooking on the Mediterranean Sea) is home to thousands of terrific and breathtaking beaches that are competing with beauty which win the hearts of tourists around the world especially the beaches of Jijel and Bejaia. So, if you are keen lover of swimming just think about Algeria. The followers of the mountain hike will be able to practice on the mountains of Kabylia or Tikdja their hoppy of hiking and climbing.This country also has a diversified natural wealth, an exceptional flora and fauna and spas which render visitors happy to enjoy the sea, sun and the sand (desert) at the same time. 

If you are a keen lover of snow and snowed mountains don’t think about turkey or any European countries just think about Algeria , Chrea (Blida province) is the best place that can offer for you extraordinary and fascinating landscape .

     The Algerian cuisine is very rich with various dishes such as Couscous, Chorba, Rechta, Dolma … as well as breads; kessra and matloua, and many others are the culinary specialties of this country. Besides to cookies like Charek, and cakes; Tamina, Kalb el Louz and Samsa…

     Above all the hospitality and generosity of its inhabitants, Algeria is rich of different types of music and each Algerian region has its own musical tradition and specific dance; the chaabi ,Andalusian,  Gnawa, kabyle music,etc.

Written by ARAB Sabrina
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