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Cevital Group

   Cevital is the first largest private industrial group in Algeria which interests in investing in several business fields, namely in the food industry, shopping centers, retail sector with Uno brand, construction, glass manufacturing and automobile sales. It is founded by Issad Rebrab, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, in 1998. The company's headquarters is in the port of Bejaia, Algeria. Its production units are as follow: two sugar refineries, one liquid sugar plant, one oil refinery, one margarine factory, one mineral water packaging plant, one soft drinks manufacturing and packaging plant, one canning plant, one quicklime manufacturing plant. Cevital Agro-Industrie also owns port silos and a port unloading terminal with a capacity of 2000 tones/h, making it the primary port unloading terminal in the Mediterranean.

   Cevital is a very successful company that has been built through the investments and around the strong idea of building an economic model that fits the Algerian economy. Its motto is “START SMALL, THINK BIG AND MOVE FAST”. Rebrab sums up the secrets behind such success on paying attention to employees’ selection and their training and competence transfer who are eager to pursuit excellence and has the business spirit and the pride in serving the national economy, the use of the most advanced technology, and the most of all is the reinvestment of the gains in sectors that carry high added value.

   Cevital imposes a global presence; it enjoys both a regional and a universal reputation in designing high-quality products at competitive prices. It meets the domestic demand and has contributed to Algeria’s transformation from an importer to an exporter in oils, margarine and sugar. Its products are sold in several countries, including Europe, the Maghreb, the Middle East and West Africa. This renowned company offers oils, sugar, margarine, mineral water, refreshing drinks, and port silos; operates a cannery of tomatoes and jam; produces arboreal plants, arboriculture, potato seeds, and market gardening productions in greenhouses and in open country, as well as markets fertilizers; and offers ship management, maritime goods transportation .The company also distributes a range of light vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, buses, and commercial vehicles; operates as a dealer for public works equipment and sells spare… 

Cevital, also, contributes in the national wealth by generating thousands of jobs. For instance, the construction of Brandt Group’s new plant in Setif Province, Algeria is expected to employ more than 7500 people.

 Recently, Cevital is focusing on several large projects notably in Brazil, Europe and Africa that are dedicated to strongly challenged products.

Here some links of the company:

Website: www.cevital.com
E-mail : info@cevital.com 
Phone: +213 (0) 34 20 20 00
Fax: +213 (0) 34 21 27 73

Cevital Group (Written by ARAB Sabrina)

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