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Take my hand, let me guide you throughout my lovely country, Algeria

    Algeria has everything to seduce and attract visitors. Besides to the generosity and the hospitality of its inhabitants, Algeria has natural assets, cultural and historical heritage that allow it to practice many tourist activities such as: coastal tourism, outdoor and mountain tourism, thermal tourism, cultural and sports tourism, Saharan tourism, hunting and fishing...

   The Algerian North is the ideal place to spend holidays and enjoy the Mediterranean coast and its beaches. The Algerian coastal provinces like Jijel , Bejaia , Skikda , Boumerdes, Annaba Oran,… possess a breathtaking and awesome shores that are in harmony with picturesque landscapes such as Aiguades and Cap Carbon in Bejaia city, in the east. To the west we can find Tlemcen and its mosques and palaces, Oran and its old huge buildings…

   Moving to the South, towards the Algerian Sahara, which covers almost 85% of the Algerian area there are a lot of regions to enjoy; the famous Hoggar Mountain range, Djanet with its mythical dunes and oases and Tamanrasset with its typical Saharan landscapes, and so on. For instance, in the South-East of Algeria, we find the plateau of Tassil 'Najer. The place is distinguished by its lunar landscape and its rock paintings that are classified as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. In the center of Algeria, we find El-Oued and its domes and the M'Zab valley which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The valley includes five castles (ksour), unique fortified villages. Their architecture is original because adapted to the rather hostile environment of this rocky plateau. Among the most remarkable oases of the M'Zab valley is that of Ghardaïa.

   Algeria is also a home to many monuments and buildings that are worth a visit like Maqâm Echahid (monument of the Martyr) and Algiers and its Kasbah which is a historical city where one can discover ancient mosques and Ottomans’ palaces and learn a lot about the Algerian history. Furthermore, Algeria keeps the stigmata of the passage of the Romans on the territory. Timgad is a good example; the Roman ruins make it easy to imagine the urbanization brought by the Roman settlers. It is considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The surrounding Aures Mountains also contribute to the great beauty of the place.

   Our fabulous country of Algeria with its cities, deserts, mountains offers a great and exceptional charm and diversity of landscapes.

Take my hand, let me guide you throughout my lovely country, Algeria (Written by ARAB Sabrina)

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