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Ramadan in Algeria

    Ramadan is a test and an internal struggle against our bad habits. It means to abstain completely from foods, drinks, intimate intercourse and smoking ,before the break of the dawn till sunset during the entire month of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic year. Ramadan in Algeria, of course, is sacred and a precious month. It is precious by the moments shared with the family for Iftar (break fasting)around a table that is too much garnished with varied food such as chorba (soup),bourak (stuffed bricks), zlabiya (pan cake that is fried and plunged into honey) and kelb-ellouz (cake made from semolina, almonds and honey) the best accompaniments of a good green tea with mint…Above all , Ramadan is the "master chef" of mothers, who compete with the preparation of the heartiest dishes and the most ancestral recipes.

    In Algeria, Coriander, mint and sparsely are the main product of the Algerian cuisine and essential ingredients for bourak and chorba which is considered the main entrance to a Ramadan meal. Thus, young children take the opportunity of selling it during this holy month. 

   In Ramadan, Algeria becomes thousand and one night in the evening.  Almost every evening after the Iftar, cultural and public events during Ramadan have been organized thus breaking the monotone the rest of the year. All the Algerian provinces vibrate the evenings of Ramadan through concerts, theater, cafes and nightclubs until dawn. In recent years, the evenings of the month of Ramadan have become opportunities for young events companies in Algeria.

   During the month of fasting, Algeria slows down and the national economy is the one who pay. Absenteeism and under-production cost the State a lot. Algerians confuse working and being at their workplace; during Ramadan, absences become lot. The working hours during the month of Ramadan applicable in the institutions and public administrations are from 9 am to 4 pm, from Sunday to Thursday. Most of Algerians prefer to take their vacation during Ramadan month.

   Algerians celebrate the month of Ramadan despite the economic crisis. Inflation and financial difficulties are weakening families to celebrate the holy month. In the alleys of the small market the prices of fruits and vegetables have increased much in the month of Ramadan, unlike other months. This month is especially the month of all excessive spending for some families, but it is not the case for poor ones. So, governmental organizations distribute food baskets to poor families. Approximately, more than 175 baskets (the number varies according to the need) of food have been distributed for three times in each Algerian communes. Besides, there are solidarity restaurants throughout the national territory. 

   For this year, however, and for the five or six years that follow, Ramadan will have this peculiarity of coinciding with the season of the great heat. We can guess a bit about the crisis for some seasonal areas like seaside resorts, coastal hotels and everything that goes with such as restaurants, swimming pools and domestic tourism. Algerian families prefer to eat at home and the formulas at discount no longer interest them. But despite all, Ramadan remains the most charming month of the whole year.

Written by ARAB Sabrina

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