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The Algerian Ports

The Algerian coast is divided into fourteen coastal provinces. Each province contains a number of harbors, fishing shelters and beaches, approximately sixty four landing sites along the Algerian coast. The biggest ports of Algeria are: Algiers, Annaba, Oran, Beni Saf, Cherchell, Dellys, Djen Djen, Ghazaouet, Mostaganem, Skikda and Tenes. They are used for either for the international trade such as exporting gas and petroleum and importing household needs and cars…or fishing and transporting people.

  The fishing sector in Algeria is considered an economic activity, by its capacity to contribute in the improvement of food needs, the creation of thousands of jobs and the consolidation of the national economy. As part of the implementation of the sustainable development policies adopted by the Algerian government, the Ministry of Maritime Navigation and Fishing has drawn three five-year plans. The first is on aquaculture, the second on maritime and ocean fisheries, and the third on support for artisanal fisheries. These three plans set production targets up to about 230 000 t / year, raising the level of national consumption of fishery products to 6.2 kg / h / year, creating 100 000 jobs in addition to annuities in foreign currency. The objectives to be achieved are not only based on increased catches, but also an integrated, sustainable, responsible, professional and ecological economic fishery. The species caught by the fishers in the Mediterranean Sea are as follows: sardines, sharks, demersal fish, crustaceans and mollusks, etc.

    The port of Algiers is the largest port and is the first Algerian commercial port. It handles 33% of Algeria's international trade. In Algiers, there are four ports: Algiers, Rais Hamidou, El Djamila and El Marsa. New dynamics are taking place with the introduction of logistics chains and the development of the ports of Djen Djen (in Jijel province) and Bejaia so that they can play a pivotal role on a national scale. The bejaia province includes three ports which are Port of Bejaïa, Port of Beni Ksila and Tala Ilef port. The province of Jijel includes several ports: Port of Djen Djen, Port of El Aouana, Port of Jijel and Port of Ziama Mansouriah .  

   In addition to several ports that dotted the Algerian coast, for instance, Port of Ghazaouet and Port of Marsa Ben M'Hidi in Tlemcen province, the coastline of Tizi Ouzou comprises the following two ports: Port of Azeffoun and Port of Tigzirt ,province  of Skikda contains Port of Collo, Port of El Marsa and Skikda Port, in Annaba province there are Port of Annaba and Port of Chetaibi, Oran province contains Port of Arzew, Port of Kristel, Port of Marsat El Hadjadj, Port of Bethioua, province of Boumerdes comprises of Port of Dellys ,Port of Djinet ,Port of Zemmouri , Mostaganem province: Port of Mostaganem, Port of Sidi Lakhdar,Tipaza province includes several ports like Port of Aïn Tagourait, Port of Bouharoun, Port of Bou Ismail,Port of Cherchell, Port of El Hamdania, Port of Gouraya…

The Algerian Ports (Written by ARAB Sabrina)

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