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Tuareg Clothes

       In one of the most extreme environments in the world, the Tuaregs, traditionally, wear a kind of long garment often called Tagulmust (made of cotton cloth called bazin). It is a kind of turban whose length exceeds five meters wrapped around the head to protect themselves from the harshness of the desert (wind, sand, rain, sun and cold...) which discolored on their skin through time. The wearing of turban or veil is compulsory and it is never even taken away for drinking or eating. It is a sign of nakedness to be without a turban. It should only be taken away at bedtime. It can be of different colors, such as red, yellow, green, so on. Each color has a specific meaning; the white is worn to show a sign of respect on a particular day, the indigo turban, is made from linen often with a complex weaving ,is worn on feast days and on cold days as it is warmer than the cotton one. His dye tends to settle gradually on the skin, which explains why the Tuaregs are sometimes given the nickname of "blue men".They also wear an impressive decorative leather purse suspended from the neck, a boubou covering the wide pants worn in the Saharan regions. Over the clothes a vast trousers and  Gandoura(a kind of a large dress) of indigo blue color floats in the wind and colors the skin . Leather hand –made sandals allow them to walk long in the sand .Visitors are usually welcomed wearing sandals. Before sitting down shoes have to be taken off. When entering a tent shoes are usually left in front of the entrance. When traveling, wearing a decent outfit is mandatory (turban allacho), a big boubou, a little boubou underneath and trousers.

     Even in the desert, the woman remains a woman who wants to be beautiful in everyday life. The Tuareg woman must cover her body and protect herself more effectively from the powerful rays of the sun. To do this, it usually carries El Melhfa, a very old garment. Long and wide veil that the women wrap around them in the manner of the Haik, generally 4 meters long and about 1.5 meters wide. This dress, which protects her from both cold and heat, is worn all year round by young and old women, each according to its style.  The Tuareg women place a special emphasis on their robes. They highly value their indigo-dyed clothes. During celebrations like weddings, religious holidays, or naming ceremonies, the nomads wear their best outfits and most beautiful robes that they let fly more in the wind. Women usually chose indigo robes (Bukar) for festivities. Beneath the Bukar, women wear long colorful dresses. The fabrics of their robes and veils are also dyed with indigo, which gives a blue color close to black and a shiny appearance. The Tuaregs women rarely cover their faces, but the traditional men do so; they leave only their eyes. They wear also leather slippers (to resist the harshness of the desert). Nowadays the shoes are more feminine. Some women even wear small heels. 

Tuareg Clothes (Written by ARAB Sabrina)


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