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Algerian Beaches: Bejaia City a Paradise on Earth

  The Bejaia city is a coastal area which is strongly attended by summer visitors to spend holidays after a year of hard work. Among the many beaches that are stretched along the coastline of Bejaia are Tichy, Aokas, Souk El Tenine , Melbou, on the west coast of Bejaia, which is home to the beaches of Boulimat, Tighremt, bay of the Aiguades ... that have welcomed thousands of visitors. Summer visitors are attracted by the serenity and the beauty of the places where the sea and the golden sand seem to be protected by the verdant mountains that overhang them. Various neighboring states, such as Bordj Bou Arreridj, Sétif, Batna, Biskra and others, flock to the beaches. This rush on the beaches of the state of Bejaia is explained by vacationers’ desire for a dip refreshing in the hot days of summer. Young people in several beaches take the opportunity to gain money by offering to the summer visitors various services like hiring of chairs, tables and umbrellas, and they do their best to satisfy them.
    In the beaches like Saket and Boulimat, vacationers are enchanted with the beautiful sunny days, the blue sky, and the wild beauty which awaken the hearts. Also the cleanliness of its sand and its water charmed all the visitors. Cleanliness of the sand and the purity of the sites give a magical view to the beaches. Permanent surveillance posts who ensure a permanent security in 24 hours on the spot give comfort to summer visitors who have full latitude in the evening to admire a particularly fascinating sunset. 
    The visitors feel weak in front of the irresistible landscape of this region and to the colorful picture offered along the beach. Some of vacationers under their parasols admire the waves that roll in white foam on the find sand .On the other hand, others prefer claiming for visiting Gouraya, the Monkey Peak (pic de singe) and Cap Carbon to have a picturesque view on the entire of Bejaia city beneath them and enjoy the panorama of the Mediterranean sea surrounded by mountains.

Algerian Beaches: Bejaia City a Paradise on Earth(written by ARAB Sabrina)

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