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The Kabylian Kitchen (Algeria) Preparing Couscous

    The Kabyle cuisine is very rich with various traditional dishes. Among those dishes, there is a widespread one which is couscous (sekssu).It is the plate which had to be presented in all kabyles occasions like weddings, circumcision or even in sad events, etc. In the following , a small cooking recipes of preparing couscous in Kabylia.

Recipe 1:

The ingredients: for 10 persons

1 kg of sekssu rolled (the Sekssu done manually is better of course).
1 kg of sheep meat
1 good handful of chickpeas
2 good handfuls of green beans
2 sticks of artichokes
3 courgettes
3 turnips.
3 carrots
1 tomato and one tablespoon of canned tomatoes
2 tablespoons of oil
½ of paprika and black pepper
1 head of garlic
2 onions
½ tablespoon of salt for the sauce and ½ tablespoon for couscous


Sauce: Chop the onion very thin. Cut the carrots, turnips and the courgettes into small pieces. Add the beans and the chickpeas.Then, add the meat and salt .Put them in a cooking pot and let them all together fry very well. After that ,pour four litters of water .Add paprika and black pepper. On the other hand,cut the antichockes into pieces and poil them in water.After that,add them to the cooking pot.

 Aside, prepare the couscous. Wet the seeds with a little oil and water and roll, wetting from time to time, until the grains become soft. Put the couscous in the top of the food steamer to steam it, a first time. "Couscous is perfect when you put your hand on it and the grains do not stick by hand." Then pour it back into the couscous dish. Spread it with a wooden spoon. Roll and undo the clods. Then put in the dish and sprinkle with salt water. Roll it up to absorb water. Oil the grains and steam it one last time. Serve with sauce, meat and vegetables.

Recipe2: Sekssu Elmassfouf


2 potatoes
2 carrots
2 turnips
2 onions
 5 sticks of Spinach
½ of red pepper and spices.
½ tablespoon of salt for couscous ½ tablespoon of salt for the vegetables.


Cut all the vegetables into small square pieces .Thenv, put them in the food steamer for 1 hour. Add salt to them.
Prepare the couscous as the same way as the above .Just when you finish steaming operation add red pepper and spices. 
Add the vegetables to the couscous .Mix them very well .
Enjoy it with milk.

Recipe 3: Sekssu Novissar (this plate is prepared much more in winter):


3 Turnips
3 Carrots
2 Onions
 1 head of garlic
Dry beans (3 ladles)
1 Yeast
½ tablespoon of red pepper and spices
1 tablespoon of olive oil


Pour water (4 liters) into the cooking pot .Add the yeast and let it boil. After it gets boiled, add the dry beans and all the vegetables and chicken (as much as you want).Add olive oil, red pepper and spices to the sauce (the sauce becomes white as in the picture)
Couscous is prepared as the same way as the above recipe.

written by ARAB Sabrina


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