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Some of Kabyle Proverbs

Some of Kabyle Proverbs:
-Ur hemmlegh gma ur hemmlegh w'ara th-yuthen.
I do not like my brother but I do not like anyone attacking him.

-W'ur nuriw yugad nnger, win yurwen yerwa amdegger.
who has no children is afraid of extinction and the one who has them is filled with jostling.

-Senndegh fell-as, Yeghli-d fell-i.
I leaned on him, he fell on me.

-Tasusmi d dwa n-tmusni.
Silence is the means of acquiring knowledge.

-Khra n win yesuguten awal, ala tikarkas i deg yetnawal.
Anyone who is too talkative does nothing but harm.

-Dachu t-teffezid a aami? d llazuq n y-ilindi.
What are you chewing on my uncle? Last year's chewing gum.

-Iles yetthawalitent aqarru yettaghitent.
The mouth exceeds the limits and the head pays for.

-Akhir tidet yesseqrahen, wala lekdeb yessefrahen.
The truth that hurts is better than a lie that rejoices.

-A vu snat, yiweth akatheruh.
Who run after two things,will lose one.

-Win imumi taareq tikli n tsekkurt, ad yetbaa tin n tyaziṭ.
Who has lost the gait of the partridge, acquires that of the hen.

-Adfel yekkat deg udrar, semm-is di swahel.
The snow falls in the mountains; its cold is in the plain.

-Lan lehbab ukellekh, lan lehbab ukekhkakh, yella wehbib n tidet
There are fake friends and others to have fun but there is only one true friend.

-Azahwal Di thmurth iderghalen qaren-as azerqaq.
The myopic person in a blind country is called a blue eyed.

-Sεigh baba lamaana yemmuth.
I have a father but he's dead.

-Anwa i-kem chekren a tislit, d-yemma tehder khalti
Who has praised you bride? It is my mother in the presence of my aunt.

-Ulach asedsu ma hudent tughmas, ulach sber ur nesɛi tilass , ulach wi yemmuthen yegla s -wayla-s
Three impossible things: no smile without teeth, no limitless patience, and no one died with his goods.

-Yessers uheddad taftist irfed-itt mmi-s 
Like father, like son.

-Azduz ddaw teslit, tislit teggumma ad nteq.
The mallet is under the bride, the bride refuses to speak.

-Ayen yellan di techuyth, ad t-id yessali ughemdja.
What is in the pot, the ladle will bring it up.

-Ur yezmir yiwen ad yeffer itij s-ugherbal.
No one can hide the sun with a sieve.

-Yukher hedregh, yeggul umnegh.
He stole, I saw him, he swore, I believed him.

-Ljerh yeqqaz ihellu, yir awal yeqqaz irennu.
The wound is healed but the wounding word continues to dig.

-Regmath d-awal kan, tisusaf d aman kan.
Insults are only words, spittle is nothing but water.

-Ulach tichrat mbla idamen.
No tattoos without bleeding : everything comes with sacrifices.

-Ar d-illal ad s-nsemmi hlal.
Let's wait for him to be born to call him crescent moon.

-Bu yiles, medden ak in-s.
The amiable tongue, all the world is his own.

-Khedmegh lkhir, yughal iyi-d d ikhmiṛ.
I have done well, and I get mud.

-Izem d-Mhend i t-yenghan, chi-a-ss d-Abu Sellan.
The lion is M'hend who killed him; the glory is for the Abu Sellan.

-Ala aghyul i yenekren lassel-is.
Only an ass who denies its origins.

-Yenna-y-as waghyul, eggiyi kan ad sersegh ichenfiren-iw ghef temzin.
The donkey said: let me just lay my lips on the barley.

-Win ifahmen yefhem, win ur nefhim ara yewhem.
The one who is intelligent understand, the one who is not remains amazed.

-Ddunith am ukham bu snat tewwura, ekk s-ya teffeghed s-yin.
The world is like a house with two doors, you go in here and you go out there.

-Ardegh-th, yetcha-th akk.
I invited him, he ate everything.

-Efk-iyi yelli-kh, ternud-i laoula-s d yirden.
Give me your daughter for marriage, and corn to feed her.

-Chiṭ i tharwiht chit i thelwiḥt 
A bit for the life and a bit for the afterlife.

-Win mi yekkes vava-s atan deg irebbi n yemm-as, win mi yekkes yemm-as, atan deg ugudu ndent-as 
 Who has no father finds himself in the arms of his mother. Whereas, the one who has no mother, he is in the arms of misery.

-Itij n meghres, yessibrik ig-ghes.
March Sun blackens the bone.

-Akken i s-yenna wuchen, a wi yufan lekhrif kherfayen, tafsuth amayen, tagrist d unebdu yumayen.
As the jackal said: ah, if the autumn could last two seasons, spring two years, winter and summer two days only.

-Awin ijbdan amrar ikhefiss atha gherghuri
The one who pulls the cord, its edge is between my hands.

-Aya aakka yirden lahmo ikdewten aydeyawet
Oh! Grain of wheat, the heat that comes to you, will come to me too.

written by ARAB Sabrina

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