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The Snow Falls in the Algerian Sahara

Among the twenty first century changes, the climate change .Today the world witnessed a great change in terms of weather conditions due to human activity such as gas emission from factories, etc.
     Snow fell for the second time in the Algerian Sahara .This phenomenon has first occurred in 1979 which means since 37 years and lasted for just half an hour but the snow that fell yesterday lasted for nearly a day .The red sand dunes in Ain Sefra (region in the Algerian Sahara) were covered with white dress .This creates an awesome image and changed the general landscape from red and yellow to white. The inhabitants were astonished since it is such a rare occurrence and at the same time they hurried to take photos and enjoy the situation. Although Sahara is very dry today but it is expected to be green again in about 15000years (global warming) .

   These are photos which are captured by some amateurs the moment the snow fell on the dunes in the world’s largest hot desert (Ain Sefra)

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