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Algeria in FIFA world cup

Algeria in world cup

Algeria has participated 4 time in the Fifa world cup competition for 1982, 1986, 2010 and 2014

1982 Fifa world cup

Algeria played with Germany, Austria and Chile
In the first match Algeria won Germany 2-0, in the seconond she lose with Austria and won the third match 3-2 aganist Chile.
But Algeria didn't pass the first round after the show of Germany and Austria (1-0)

1986 Fifa world cup

In this world cup Algeria team try to pass the first round but because of the problems between the players and the weak personality of coach Rabah Saadane they tied with Northen Ireland (1-1) and lose against Brazil (1-0) and Spain (3-0).

2010 Fifa world cup

After the 1986 FIFA world cup Algeria failed to qualify for another world cup intil 2010 after a fiery match dam (Algeria team bus was atacked with stones by some of the Egyptian supporters before).
In this world cup Algeria played in the groupe C with United States, England and Slovenia. In the first game they lost to Slovenia 1-0, in the second game Algeria drew with Englad 0-0, and they lost again aganist United State of America 1-0.

2014 Fifa world cup

Algeria will be play with Belguim, Russia and South Korea in Group H according to the program:
Tuesday, June 17, at 17h: Belgium-Algeria 
Sunday, June 22, at 20h: South Korea-Algeria 
Thursday, June 26, at 21h: Algeria-Russia


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