Automobile industry: many new projects to assemble cars in Algeria

The last year Renault has created the first car factory in Algeria, It was a very good project for Algeria because he give another picture for the country.

Algeria was know as the second large cars market in Africa after South Africa, but unfortunately she didn't have any cars factory, but this situation started change very quickly, After the Renault factory in Oran in the west of Algeria, we see many announcement this year for many new project in the segment of automotive industry.

South Korean Hyundai has announced with a local private investor a new usine in Batna in est of Algeria to install a bus assembly unit and tractors and semitrailers.

In Oran After Renault; PSA Peugeot-Citroen with its subsidiary subcontracting Faurecia want also to create a big factory there with three local investors to manufacturing between 90 and 200 thousand cars per year.

Many Algerians investors have started many project to assembly cars and trucks like Ival with Fiat and Iveco, Emin auto with JAC, Arcofina with a The Chinese public company FAW, The group Hasnaoui which will invest in the manufacture of spare parts, renovation engines, Without forgetting the existing factories of SNVI and Mercedes Benz.  


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